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We work with our local farmers, growers and purveyors to source products with integrity, flavour and soul, and incorporate these seasonal offerings into our menu. The result is food that is honest, straightforward and pure. Using ingredients at their peak and preparing them minimally and with respect allows us to capture the essence of the season and bring it straight to your table.
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Laid-back, eclectic and unpretentious

VIEW CAFÉ is one part neighborhood café, one part kids playground, one part car wash and one part conference venue. Warm hues, unique soft lighting and an unexpected quirkiness encourage guests to settle in, get comfortable, and have a good time.


The VIEW CAFÉ experience is about more than just food.

The welcoming staff at VIEW CAFÉ goes to great lengths to make customers feel at ease, comfortable and well taken care of whilst your children play in a safe and secure environment.


The VIEW CAFÉ car wash team will expertly attend to your car’s needs whilst you relax knowing she's in good hands.

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